Our Mission:

To return the River Cale to a self-sustaining ecosystem, rich in biodiversity, to be enjoyed by all.


Pollarding and Coppicing – Saturday 17th March 2018

Despite the snow, members of the team managed to balance the shade/light ratio with some coppicing and pollarding work along ‘Waterside’… ...read the rest

Video footage of the Cale fish survey now available

Many thanks to our friends at Wincanton Window, who have now published the official video of our electrofishing survey on August 4th 2017.… ...read the rest

A Week in the Life of a Broken Sewer Pipe

At the end of October, while performing the regular kick sample on the Cale, some CATCH volunteers noticed a nasty-looking flow… ...read the rest

Help CATCH win funding from Aviva!

CATCH have been nominated as a charity to gain potential funding from the Aviva Community Fund… ...read the rest

Electro fish success – 4th August 2017

The results of our 4th August electro-fishing survey are now published on our website, and can be viewed here.… ...read the rest

2017 River Cale Balsam Bash

Despite the rain the group were able to have a good go at this year’s crop of Himalayan Balsam which was much reduced from last year, on the stretch through the Recreation Ground.… ...read the rest

Equipment update – October 2017

Another handy addition to the equipment list was purchased by the group to help with the transportation of rubbish and equipment on various events. … ...read the rest

Wildlife Habitat signs

Working alongside Wincanton Town Council, C.A.T.C.H. were pleased to see areas along the river bank left un-mowed this year as a haven of safe passage for wildlife.… ...read the rest

Wildflower management 2017

Year two of the Memorial Wild Flower Meadow has seen an abundance of flowers and wildlife.… ...read the rest

Coppicing and Pollarding – September 2017

C.A.T.C.H. volunteers undertook some coppicing and pollarding on a very over shaded stretch of the Cale . The difference after a few hours of work was quite dramatic.
The result is now that if you stand on the Batch Bridge and look upstream you get a fabulous view of the river and it’s flow deflectors . Items of rubbish were removed as we worked so it’s really looking good down there. We have also created some hibernacula or bug hotels as the kids call them , this was achieved using the brash from the tree trimmings.
The main reason for … ...read the rest