The River Cale

Source of the CaleThe River Cale flows through southeast Somerset, and together with its various tributaries eventually joins the Dorset Stour on its way to the south coast.

It rises in Coneygore Wood, to the north of the village of Pen Selwood, and flows generally southwest towards the town of Wincanton, to river cale 2which it lends its name; Wyn-Cale-Tun, meaning “pleasant town on the Cale,” having eventually evolved into the current name of the town. After passing through the town, it continues southwards towards Henstridge Airfield, where it is joined by Bow Brook and shortly afterwards flows into the Stour.


For moslower cale downstreamt of its journey, the Cale winds peacefully through farmland, with the town of Wincanton being the only sizeable settlement along its banks. It is in and around the town that human activity has had most impact upon the river, and it is in and arond the town where CATCH focuses most of its work.


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