The Cale and its surroundings are home to a wide variety of wildlife, from plants and insects through fish to otters and assorted fish-eating birds. Here we hope to build up a list of articles about our various river dwellers.

Insects and Arthropods

The Shrimp that Isn’t


The Miller’s Thumb


Royal Blue

Invasive Species

Himalayan Balsam


  • Andrew Norman says:

    What is the present situation with regards to eels in the River Cale? When I was a kid I would cycle to the river with my Dad and regularly catch eels to eat. Do elvers still run up the river?

    • Matt Bishop says:

      Hi Andrew,
      I’m so so sorry nobody answered your query back in August. To answer it simply, several of us have seen fully grown eels along the Wincanton stretch of the Cale but not see evidence of Elvers.
      If you are an expert in this then we would appreciate a discussion at some point.
      By all means call the CATCH phone number and someone will either answer, or call you back.
      Best Regards
      Matt Bishop

  • Andrew Norman says:

    If full grown eels are still being seen then at least some elvers must be making it back up the river from the sea.

  • Andrew Norman says:

    50 years ago we regularly caught eels, chub, and dace on the Cale between Wincanton and Buckhorn Weston..

  • Andrew Norman says:

    With regards to other wildlife, during winter and migation times I have also seen a lot of snipe, curlew, lapwing and even oyster catchers in fields and on the Cale between Wincanton and Buckhorn Weston.

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