The Wild Trout Trust – CATCH is a member of the Trust, which undertakes conservation work in rivers all across the country, both on its own and in collaboration with local groups such as ourselves. In May 2013, members of the Wild Trout Trust visited Wincanton and undertook a survey of the river Cale, producing a report which details exactly where, and how, we can improve the river. This report forms the blueprint for most of the plans we have made.

The Environment Agency – the Government body particularly concerned with rivers, water pollution, and flooding. When a problem arises which cannot be handled by volunteers but requires official action, these are the people we call.

Somerset Rivers – one man’s attempt to create an exhaustive historical and pictorial record of the various rivers and streams in the county. For information about other rivers in the area, and for more Cale pictures, this site is an excellent resource. He has kindly given us permission to use some of his pictures on our own site.

The Wandle Trust – What CATCH are now trying to do for the Cale, this charity has been doing for the river Wandle in South London for the last 15 years. Their Chair of Trustees, Theo Pike, has connections to our area and has given valuable help and advice in helping us to get started. If we achieve half as much for the Cale as they have done for the Wandle, we shall consider it a job well done!

The Balsam Centre – A local community centre in Wincanton which serves all manner of useful purposes; not least of which is hosting our jumble sales.

Wincanton Window – Our local online newspaper, reporting on stories and items of interest in Wincanton and the surrounding villages; and a valuable source of publicity to us.

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