29th September 2018 – A303 litterpick south

26th July 2018 – Wild Flower Meadow scything

19th June 2018 – Bootmakers & CATCH craft event UPDATE

17th June 2018 – Bootmakers and CATCH joint event

5th May 2018 – Rock Berm Replant

21st April 2018 – Final Hawkers Bridge paint

17th March 2018 – Coppicing and Pollarding

5th March 2018 – Frozen from bank to bank

31st January 2018 – Thought of the day

4th August 2017; Wessex Water electrofishing the Cale, with support from the EA, Dorset Wildlife Trust, and the Stour Catchment Initiative.

25th April 2015; the Town Council, CATCH, and assorted volunteers sowing the Memorial Wildflower Meadow, part of the new Cale Park project.

19th April 2015; CATCH, assisted by Jim Allan of the Environment Agency, remove one of the weir plates that was preventing fish from moving up and down river at Hawker’s Bridge.

23rd October 2014; the Environmental Agency release 4,500 fish into the River Cale, after seeing CATCH’s work to improve its habitat.

6th July 2014; clearing litter, removing Himalayan Balsam, and mapping some of the drainage outlets into the Cale.

May 2014; “Mayfly in the Classroom,” an educational activity for the children of Horsington Primary School; thanks to the Wild Trout Trust for their help with this.

February 2013; shortly after founding CATCH, Gary and Mike are joined by Mike Blackmore of the Wild Trout Trust, to survey the river and offer ideas for improvement.

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