27th September – Keep clear!!

Flow partially blocked by some fallen branches in the stretch of the River Cale behind Cavalier Way made short work of by CATCH committee member Simon with his chainsaw – and the result. The Cale flowing freely again.

If this had not been tackled promptly then come winter time any debris heading downstream would end up entangled and causing potential flood risk. Well done to Janice and Simon for their quick response!

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26th July 2018 – Wild Flower Meadow scything

The annual scything and clearing of the Wild Flower Meadow – ‘Memorial Meadow’ has been cleared of the spent crop for this summer. The resultant hay produced is being used around the meadow borders to produce Hibernaculums for grass snakes etc.… ...read the rest

19th June 2018 – Bootmakers @ WildFlower Meadow UPDATE video

UPDATE to the bootmakers craft event, from the 17th June.… ...read the rest

17th June 2018 – Bootmakers & CATCH craft event

A joint craft event between a local town business (The Bootmakers) and CATCH to raise awareness of the beautiful wildlife down at the River Cale and Wildflower Meadow at Wincanton recreation ground.… ...read the rest

5th May 2018 – Recreation ground Rock Berm replant

In September 2017 CATCH (in conjunction with the Environment Agency) funded the placement of a rock berm between the two bridges at Wincanton recreation ground. This section of river is a hard engineered area and was lacking in diversity of habitat that a good river environment requires.

Due to the late planting of the rock berm the previous year, we lost most of the plants from the first attempt so this was our second attempt to plant the berm with native sedges etc and we had the added benefit of the whole summer for the plants to get established prior … ...read the rest

21st April 2018 – Final coat – Hawkers Bridge paint

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5th March 2018 – Frozen River Cale

A brief visit to the Cale on a frosty morning proved to bring a surprise not seen for many years…… ...read the rest

Electro fish success – 4th August 2017

The results of our 4th August electro-fishing survey are now published on our website, and can be viewed here.… ...read the rest

2017 River Cale Balsam Bash

Despite the rain the group were able to have a good go at this year’s crop of Himalayan Balsam which was much reduced from last year, on the stretch through the Recreation Ground.… ...read the rest

River monitoring (kick sampling) – Saturday 11th February – PUBLIC EVENT

Every month, CATCH complete a visit to the river to take a snapshot of the river condition via a method called ‘kick sampling’. This is where we enter the river, take a sample of the river entomology and examine the numbers of different insects.… ...read the rest