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We often get asked how we continue to make a success of CATCH. We like to err on the side of modesty and attribute our success to others, but in the cold light of day, without the hard working Committee members, and diverse support network we would certainly struggle!

One of our biggest supporters to date are the Wild Trout Trust. They are a huge influence on our river decisions and actions, and recently they have released a booklet that gives their take on how to create, and operate a volunteer based river group, such as CATCH.

I personally believe they have under-played the ‘volunteers survive on tea and cake’ message but essentially it is an excellent document that will help aid any budding river groups to flourish.😜

CATCH have also agreed that if there are any people out there looking at setting themselves up as a community river group in other towns and villages then we will always assist them if advice is needed.

The website to find the toolkit is:


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