Quick New Years Day litter pick

Last of the Quality Street now gone so must be time to get back on it !

Posted by CATCH – Community Action to Transform Cale Habitat on Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Just a quick look at how C.A.T.C.H. aim to reduce the contamination of the local river, and what is still being found in the River Cale.… ...read the rest

Well if we say we are going to do it, we do it !

So beautiful down on the Cale today. Bit of graft put in but the River is looking so much better for it . Lovely to see the families enjoying the sunshine and a game of poo sticks off of Victorian Bridge. We were joined by a lovely Robin who spent time with us while we removed plastic and all sorts of cans , glass, wood, and the occasional toy. I think he was saying thank you to us ! #communityAction

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13th October 2018 – The signs are there folks….

After a few select local teenagers decided a CATCH sign no longer needed to be in place it was removed with pure excitement I’m sure and skimmed in to the Cale. However, with a bit of TLC in my garage it was repaired and is now back in place in the recreation ground.


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13th October 2018 – Magnet fishing!

An idea for an hour or two’s fun down at the river….grab a decent magnet, tie it onto a reasonable length of cord and fish the river for treasure. It just entertained three boys ages 11, 12, and 12 for the last few hours. Several topped wellies and a full chest of fresh air later and we have treasure….and it was free!!

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Hedgehog season!

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29th September – In-river litter pick (A303 south to sewage works) – approximately 1/2 mile

On a very pleasant Saturday morning, a small (and may I say elite) task force of three tackled a previously unexplored section of the River Cale from Wincanton, southwards to the sewage works.

You will see in the photo that we have stolen a great idea from the Wandle trust and have upcycled some plastic 45 gallon drums into rubbish carrying coracles for use when we are litter picking in-stream. They’re brilliant!

The aim was to litterpick and assess this part of the river and expand the boundaries of the CATCH(ment)…..

Enjoy the short video of what was discovered.… ...read the rest

27th September – Keep clear!!

Flow partially blocked by some fallen branches in the stretch of the River Cale behind Cavalier Way made short work of by CATCH committee member Simon with his chainsaw – and the result. The Cale flowing freely again.

If this had not been tackled promptly then come winter time any debris heading downstream would end up entangled and causing potential flood risk. Well done to Janice and Simon for their quick response!

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26th July 2018 – Wild Flower Meadow scything

The annual scything and clearing of the Wild Flower Meadow – ‘Memorial Meadow’ has been cleared of the spent crop for this summer. The resultant hay produced is being used around the meadow borders to produce Hibernaculums for grass snakes etc.… ...read the rest

19th June 2018 – Bootmakers @ WildFlower Meadow UPDATE video

UPDATE to the bootmakers craft event, from the 17th June.… ...read the rest

17th June 2018 – Bootmakers & CATCH craft event

A joint craft event between a local town business (The Bootmakers) and CATCH to raise awareness of the beautiful wildlife down at the River Cale and Wildflower Meadow at Wincanton recreation ground.… ...read the rest