Water, Water Everywhere…

The bench by Cemetery Road bridge

The bench by Cemetery Road bridge

The recent spell of prolonged heavy rain has, of course, led to severe flooding across large parts of the south west of England, and Wincanton has fared much less badly than some other towns. Nevertheless, it is likely that flood waters will have dragged who-knows-what manner of rubbish into the river, as well as possibly having caused damage to the banks and surrounding areas. It is also known that the high winds have caused considerable damage to many of the trees lining the river banks.

CATCH will be assessing how much damage has been caused to the river itself and the immediate surroundings, and – once the weather has finally settled down, if it ever does! – will attempt to clean up some of the debris that must surely have accumulated. If you are aware of any major incidents, such as large and heavy objects having landed in the river, please let us know about them and we’ll either attempt to deal with it ourselves, or contact the relevant authorities for appropriate action.

Please do not attempt to clean up the river while it remains at such high and fast-flowing levels – water is a tremendously powerful substance in large quantities, as many unfortunate souls have already found out to their cost. Safety is always the highest priority for everyone involved.

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