A303 Bridge – 2017

These results are taken from kick sampling conducted beneath the bridge where the A303 Wincanton Bypass crosses the river Cale; UK grid reference ST71100 27786.

Date  January  February March April
Target Groups Number Category Number Category Number Category Number Category
Cased caddis  a  3  a
Caseless caddis  a  2  a
Mayflies  a
Blue-winged olives  a  5  a
Olives  a  20  b
Stoneflies  a  1  a
Freshwater shrimp  b  17 b
Site score  8  8
Invasive Species
American signal crayfish NO  YES NO NO
Himalayan balsam NO NO NO NO
Japanese knotweed NO NO NO NO
Giant hogweed NO NO NO NO
Floating pennywort NO NO NO NO
American skunk cabbage NO NO NO NO
Other species noted  Bullhead, leeches, limpets  Bullhead, water snails, limpets
River depth close cm 10cm cm cm
River depth middle cm 15cm cm cm
River depth far cm 15cm cm cm

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