River monitoring (kick sampling) – Saturday 11th February – PUBLIC EVENT

Every month, CATCH complete a visit to the river to take a snapshot of the river condition via a method called ‘kick sampling’. This is where we enter the river, take a sample of the river entomology and examine the numbers of different insects.

The insects give us an early indication of the condition of the river, and our findings are communicated to the Environment Agency for trend analysis.

If you would like to join us for an hour or two to experience what we do then please let Gary Hunt or Janice Blackwell know, and we are keen to involve anyone showing interest.

This is a child friendly event, but all children must be accompanied by an adult.

We aim to meet at Wincanton Beach (located along the footpath to the rear of the Travis Perkins building) for 0900hrs on Saturday 11th February, unless water flows are too high to complete the task, so keep an eye out for notification via this website, or via social media.

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