Electrofishing on the Cale, Friday 4th August

Some years ago, the Environment Agency came to survey the Cale’s fish population by electro-fishing, and found it to be extremely low…¬† four years on, and after a release of 2,500 fish from the EA, they are returning tomorrow to check for improvements, and we expect a much better result. The roach, dace and chub¬† that were released have seemingly thrived, and the results of this updated survey may help to secure EA funding for additional improvements of the Cale.

The CATCH team will be present with their stand to explain to watchers and passers-by what is going on, and the survey is expected to last about four hours. Please note that while the electric current is not large enough to do any real damage – it is, after all, not even large enough to kill small fish and insect life – it is advisable to keep yourselves and your dogs away from the immediate location of the survey. We appreciate the public co-operation, and hope to bring good results in due course.

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