CATCH HQ Venue Established

A Meeting in the CATCH HQ - The Nog Inn

A Meeting in the CATCH HQ – The Nog Inn

Choosing a meeting HQ for an enterprising group such as this is a task of great importance. The venue should be practical, able to provide for all the needs of the group members present at any given meeting.

The Nog Inn, on Wincanton’s South Street, is just such a venue. Its central location in town is key, as is the extensive range of ales and ciders. Free wifi internet access is handy on occasion, but the delectable menu of ‘light bites’, lunches, dinners and deserts really helps to fuel intelligent discussion and debate on the key issues associated with an ecological project of this magnitude.

In general the team are pleased with The Nog as a venue, and look forward to many a progressive gathering in this, most professional establishment.

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