Scything at the Wild Flower Meadow

Every August, the volunteers of CATCH attend to the duties of scything the Wild Flower Meadow at the Recreation Ground (next to the children’s park). The aim of scything is to clear this year’s growth, and allow seeds to drop from flowers grown this year and so to ensure the cycle for next year.

The hand scything exercise is great exercise, and the group get to use traditional methods to cut and clear the resulting hay materials.

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Beaver return for English rivers?

Interesting article and no doubt would create debate if in Wincanton…..


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Band Aid

This item is one of the most memorable we’ve ever found in the River Cale here in town.For those of a certain age will remember this now absolute historical event way back in 1984 ! Just goes to show how long our discarded rubbish just sits in the environment slowly polluting / rotting away. Still , some great music listed there.… ...read the rest


A definite benefit of a successful river group is that  folks message us when they see issues on the Cale. 
That then coupled with a spontaneous lending of a hand in removing the dodgy item which in this case was a Morrison’s Trolly. Thanks Marie and thanks Steve for the help and the encouragement in the form of laughter at my extraction attempts from the river. 😀

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Thought of the day – 31 Jan 2018

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