11-03-17: Hedge Laying and Bench Making

On a bright March day, CATCH were down at the Memorial Wildflower Meadow to make further improvements, this time by the addition of a hedgerow and the final stages of constructing a wooden bench from the tree which formerly grew outside Wincanton Library. While losing a town tree is never a thing to celebrate, it has now been replaced with one more suitable to the location, and the wood from it has been put to good use as seen here.

Meanwhile, a new hedgerow has been added at one end of the meadow, providing more variety of habitat for wildlife. The Meadow is now in its third year of cultivation and is continuing to improve year on year; hopefully it will be providing havens to wildlife, and enjoyment to the townsfolk of Wincanton, for a long time to come.

The Wildflower Memorial Meadow, part of Cale Park.

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