About us

Community Action to Transform the Cale Habitat (CATCH) is a volunteer group founded by Gary Hunt and Matt Bishop in 2013. Its objective is to restore the natural habitat of the River Cale in the Wincanton area.

The River Cale was used for industrial purposes for many years, and has been shaped by human needs at various points. It suffered a major blow in 2000 when a slurry spill resulted in a huge number of deaths among its fish and other wildlife. We aim to give nature a helping hand to bring it back to a haven for natural wildlife, as well as a recreational resource for the inhabitants of the town.

The project began with simple things like organised litter picks, and clearing out some of the historical debris from the river. Later in 2013 we invited the Wild Trout Trust to inspect the river, and give advice and guidance on where and how we could make improvements. Based upon their report, we have identified several targets we hope to achieve in the short and medium terms.

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